You can request a Merchant Account application in your app. Go to the Settings Tab and tap “Request Merchant Account.” 

This will start our Merchant Account application process. Because we issue a Merchant Account to your business and not to you personally, we need to collect information about your business. Here’s how the process works: 

  • You request a Merchant Account in your app
  • We send you communication about becoming a Joust-Validated Business
  • You provide your information via our Help tab or email at
  • We submit your information for review 
  • We may request additional information to complete your application
  • We determine whether or not your application is approved 
  • If your application is approved, we forward it to our merchant account provider
  • We may request additional information to include with your application
  • Your merchant account will be issued and is ready to go! 
  • All of the invoices you issue from this point will have the option for your client to pay with bank account or card

Still have questions? We're available on your Help tab, or you can securely email us at 

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