Some Jousting tools, like your bank account and debit card, are issued to you as the sole proprietor. 

Our merchant account application process requires you to become a Joust-Validated Business. 

How do you get validated? It's easy.

First, in Settings in your app, click "Request a Merchant Account." 

Then, send us as many of the following items that are applicable to your business:  

  1. Business description 
  2. How your clients hear about you (AKA - company website, services website, Craigslist, etc.)
  3. A list of products or services sold, including prices (a copy of a price list or URL of your schedule of fees would suffice) 
  4. A copy of your business license or state registration, if applicable

You can submit these items in your Joust App in the Help tab or securely email them to us at

Once we receive these documents, we can evaluate your application and get you on the road to approval!

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