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You can now activate your debit card in your Joust App! Here’s how to do it: 

 From your Joust home screen, select Settings to launch the Settings screen:

Select “Debit Card” from the list. If your card has not been activated, the following screen will appear: 

Click “Activate.” 

This will launch your debit card activation screen. Verify the last 4 digits of your Joust debit card:

Click “Verify.” This will take you to the screen to set up your debit card’s PIN: 

Enter your 4-digit PIN and click “Next.” This will bring up the PIN confirmation screen: 

Confirm your PIN and click “Next.” Congratulations! Your Joust debit card is activated. This will be your debit card management screen going forward: 

In this screen, you can lock/unlock your debit card, report your card lost or stolen (disables your debit card), and update your debit card PIN. 

Questions? Shoot us a message in the app under “Help,” or send an email to

Happy Jousting!

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