Here are some ways you can tell that an email might be phishing you:

  • The email asks you to click a link and takes you to a page with a suspicious URL. 
  • Sometimes the URL is renamed or masked. Hover over the link but DO NOT CLICK, you might see the page it is directing you to and that URL will be for a different site or weirdly named site. 
  • You can also search for a “How to Tell a Link is Safe” and utilize tools by Google or other sites recommended by trusted online news sources.
  • The email does not greet you by name. While not impossible, it is more difficult and costly for phishers to associate an email address with the email owner’s name on a mass scale. Because of this, phishing emails most often are addressed generically like "Dear Customer" or "Dear Account Holder."
  • If it’s supposedly an email from us, reach out to us and ask if we sent it. You can do that via the Help tab in your app, or securely email us at 
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